Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance

Congratulations!  Your website is up and running.  Now you have to keep it current.  Years ago a website could stay static for years.  You would only update it if there was a major change in your business, like a phone number, address, or service change.

Today, and especially with the arrival of web platforms that allow users to update with a few clicks, not only does your content need to stay fresh and attractive, but your theme, plug-ins, and platform need to stay current as well.

Kemper Kreative offers a simple, no nonsense, and above all affordable package that ensures that your WordPress website will stay updated.  The package looks like this:

  • Dedicated site maintenance per month
  • Platform Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plug-in Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • Content Updates
  • SEO Updates

Kemper Kreative offers retainer packages that provide dedicated hours to your business.