Managed Web Services

Kemper Kreative provides clients with a total web marketing service.  We provide web site hosting (including email support), WordPress web development, scheduled updates and backups.  Through the concept of managed web services Kemper Kreative provides content management including SEO, social media and blog management.  Further, we connect our clients with pay-per-click marketing through Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads.  Finally, Kemper Kreative provides monthly web reports that include analytics, keyword performance, and social media tracking.

Start Up Services

Starting a new business should be the most exciting time of your life! You have come up with a great product.

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Web Development

Gone are the days of looking up a business in the Yellow Pages! Your customers are looking for what they need…what you sell…on the internet.

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Site Maintenance

Years ago a website could stay static for years. You would only update it if there was a major change in your business, like a phone number, address, or service change.

Web Wrenches

Content Creation

Social media is great, and you used to be able to use your teenage niece or nephew, maybe even your entry level customer service agent to maintain this important facet of your business.

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